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For your event, venue or anything!
Choose Oztix and take a load off… let us do the work.

Using Oztix does not cost you a cent, so why settle for less?

Oztix adds a small booking fee to the ticket price which is paid by the customer at time of purchase.

Your tickets everywhere instantly

By listing your event for sale with Oztix, you instantly distribute your tickets via a multitude of sales avenues.

Your brand is king 

Oztix pioneered the white label approach to ticketing, turning your website into a ticket outlet, online and mobile.

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Oztix marketing support gives you action instead of excuses

Marketing Muscle!

A good ticketing company sells your tickets for you reliably. A great ticketing company helps get the word out and sells more tickets.

The Music 

In 2016, we joined forces with in a media partnership that supercharged the marketing power that these already strong entities deliver.

By choosing Oztix you will benefit from our unique approach and business model

A powerful and flexible ticketing solution

System tools and reporting that put you in control  

Marketing support that’s light years ahead  

Fanatical client and customer service  

Scalable experienced event support at every stage

Oztix marketing muscle

We help you get the word out like no one else.
We communicate with 5% of the Australian population every week, and have consumer data about 12% of the Australian population.

65% of our sales are from repeat customers
happy Oztix customers who keep coming back!
If you take our data and traffic, add in advertising and editorial from and mix with the digital brilliance of Made In The Pile and you can only get a marketing cocktail that is multi-faceted as it is compelling!

Made In The Pile

In 2017, Oztix partnered with Made In The Pile, a leading digital agency and social marketeers. Harnessing the data insights of 2.8m customers coupled with Made In The Piles smarts, we now offer an end to end digital marketing solution that sells more tickets.

Client Toolbox

Oztix now offers a range of platforms that assist promoters of events and venues that takes the term "client interface" to a whole new level.
A window to your event and your customers, the client tools provides instant and powerful insights into ticket sales.